The Nushagak River, Alaska

The Nushagak river is home to the largest run of King salmon in Alaska (150,000+ Kings returning annually), and it also gets a huge return of both Alaska Chum Salmon and Alaska Sockeye Salmon which run around the same time as the Kings.

The Nushagak River is a large river system that we fish just above tide water, this ensures that the fish we are targeting are chrome bright and fresh out of the saltwater (Bristol Bay). Nushagak King Salmon average 22-25 pounds with fish up to 50 pounds. Chum Salmon and Sockeye Salmon are smaller with a 6 to 14 pound average. During the months of June and July, hundreds of thousands of Alaska Salmon return to the river on their annual migration.

Bag Limits

4 King Salmon a year.

2 Sockeye or Chums a day in addition to your king or 3 a day if you do not keep a king. Guest are allowed to take one, 50lb box of fish home. Any additional boxes are discouraged and will encure and additional fee of $100. The Nushagak River is the third longest in the state, originating from the Kilbuck and Alaska mountain ranges. It twists and turns its way south while countless spawning ground tributaries join its flow toward Bristol Bay. Their is no road access to the 'Nush' making your adventure even more memorable.


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