Pretrip Information

Please read the pre-trip carefully well in advance of departure. It will help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Alaska.

NOTE TO GROUP LEADERS: It is important that as a group leader you share this pre-trip information with all members of your party so that everyone is adequately prepared and understands the cancellation/refund policy pertaining to their trip. Alaska Kingfishers will not assume any financial responsibility for consequences incurred if you do not provide this information to all members of your group.

Alaska Kingfishers is a delux tent camp located on the bank of the Nushagak River. Each guest sleeps in a double occupancy cabin tent complete with a solid framed wooden deck, bunks, mattresses, as well as bedding and towels.

Pre Trip Questionnaire:

We are always trying our best to make your trip a lifetime experience. This questionnaire will help us accommodate your trip a little more. Please take a few minutes to complete the form.

Please complete our Pre-Trip Questionnaire - Pre-Trip Questionnaire


The camp is outfitted with hot showers, washrooms and Outhouses with flush toilet which are conveniently located on campus.

The camp also includes a separate heated drying tent to hang wet rain-gear and waders, to dry out for the next days use.

The dining area is a large heated tent that serves as a casual meeting place to share stories and relax, as well as dine on the hearty home cooking prepared by the kitchen staff. Special dietary needs are no problem.


The camp is powered by generators.  There is a limited supply of electricity, please rely on battery powered devices. Electricity for re-charging batteries is available on a limited basis.


A typical day starts at 8:00 A.M. with a buffet style breakfast. Guides are in the boats and ready for departure by 8:30 A.M. Lunch will consist of sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit and for those occasional cold days hot soup. Weather does not dictate your angling hours, the day is yours, however Alaska Kingfishers has a firm policy of requiring boats to return to camp by 6:00 P.M. This gives everyone time to cleanup before gathering for pre-dinner appetizer in the dining tent, Dinners served at 7:00 PM.  After dinner the evening is spent as you like, fishing from the bank in front of camp, or you may choose to relax around the camp fire and swap stories.


Weather in Alaska is very unpredictable. No matter what month or season you come, be prepared for highs in the 70's and low in the 40's. July is typically the warmest month, with temperatures tapering off at both ends. Always be prepared for rain and wind. No Alaskan goes anywhere without good rain gear.


Alaska Kingfishers will provide conventional as well as some fly fishing tackle for you. All terminal tackle is also provided, Experienced anglers are more than welcome to bring their favorite rod & reels, but it is not necessary.

Don't forget your waders if you plan to wade fish.  No felt boots allowed in Alaska.


Alaska Kingfishers is happy to offer our anglers the opportunity to take fresh frozen fish home.  We will fillet, vacuum pack, freeze your catch, them pack them in a waxed box for you to take home as part of your luggage.  Due, to freezer capacity limitations, guest will be limited to one, 50lb box of salmon each.


Alaska Kingfishers is located in remote bush Alaska. You can purchase certain items in the village store, however the selection and availability is limited, Tobacco products, film, batteries and fishing gear should be purchased in advance of your trip. Use Anchorage as your last supply stop.


With all the new “high tech” clothing materials available today, there is no reason to be cold and wet anymore. An underwear layer that wicks perspiration from your skin starts the process. From there, layers of insulating clothes made of wool, cotton or fleece topped off with a high-quality jacket or rain gear, if needed, will complete your outfit. Wool or poly-blend socks will keep moisture away from your feet to keep them warm and happy. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. We highly recommend that you take hiking boots, rubber boots or other treaded, water-resistant shoes for walking outside or hiking through the bush. Your raincoat should be taken along every day to ensure comfort.

Storage is limited So bring compact luggage that can serve as a storage locker Beneath your bunk.  We prefer that guests pack in duffels rather than hard suitcases, as soft luggage facilitates transport in light charter aircraft. The atmosphere at the lodge is informal, and casual clothing is appropriate in the evening.

A waterproof gear bag for extra clothing, camera, and on river supplies is recommended.


Long-distance travelers should pack a kit for such common complaints as diarrhea, upset stomach, motion sickness, headache, irregularity, and small cuts, etc. Include any prescription medicines you normally require. Our guides are well prepared to handle emergency medical situations.


An Alaskan fishing license is required. We have them available for purchase at the camp or you can purchase them on-line with Alaska Fish and Game before you arrive.  A 7-day non-resident fishig license will cost $70 and a 7-day, non-resident king stamp will cost $45.  Yo will need them both.


The staff and guides are tipped a lump sum that is distributed equally by the manager. We recommend approximately 10-15 percent of the land package cost per person, depending on your perception of the service. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask the camp manager.


Alaska Kingfishers does not provide alcoholic beverages or tobacco.  You are able to purchase Tobacco, Beer, Wine and Liquor in Dillingham. 

Pretrip Checklist

  1. Important Personal Items/Clothing/Miscellaneous
  2. Airline tickets
  3. Trip itinerary with contact numbers, important personal contacts and phone numbers.
  4. Medications
  5. Cash
  6. Traveler’s checks, credit cards, checkbook — it is wise to carry as few credit cards or personal blank checks with you as possible. Take only those you know you will need.
  7. Shoes — comfortable waterproof boots (muddy conditions can exist around camp). We recommend wearing rubber-soled boots on the days you fly to/from the camp to accommodate the notoriously muddy parking lots in Dillingham and to comfortably negotiate getting aboard the boats and float planes.
  8. Shower Sandles
  9. Slacks/pants/jeans — 2 or 3 pairs
  10. Heavy-weight wool or poly-blend socks
  11. Light/mid-weight long underwear tops and bottoms — Fleece is recomended
  12. Long-sleeved/Short-sleeved shirts
  13. Sweater and/or pullover
  14. Raingear, Jacket with a hood and pants (high quality!)
  15. Fishing hat — bring two, one for warmer days and one with ear flaps
  16. Polarized Sunglasses
  17. Neoprene or knitted wool fingerless fishing gloves
  18. Waterproof gear bag
  19. Sunscreen
  20. Insect repellent, Benadryl or calamine lotion
  21. Camera — waterproof bag, camera body/lens/film, polarizing filter, lens tissue and cleaner, flash attachment; start with fresh batteries and take an extra set.
  22. Batteries

Please feel free to call our office with any questions at 907-843-1605

Call (907) 843-1605 • Email: • PO Box 1547 Dillingham, AK 99576

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