Alaska Fly Out Fishing

Alaska Fly Outs are $600.00 per person, per fly out, with a two guest minimum.

The Agualwak River has more Rainbow Trout per mile then any other river in Alaska. Jeff Hostetter with a nice average size Agulawak Rainbow.

Alaska Kingfishers provides World Class Alaska Fly Out Fishing Trips to the Agulawok River that target Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Sockeye Salmon. The Agulawok River is a 40 Minute flight from our Alaska Fishing Camp and is a spectacular area for fly fishing and conventional tackle. In June and July the Arctic Char are feeding on the Migrating salmon smolt, so large schools of feeding frenzied char are normal. The Rainbows and Grayling are in the River feeding on Nymphs, Dry flys and Leeches.

The Agulawok River has been declared the most prolific Rainbow Trout stream, boasting a count of 4,000 fish per mile.

The Wood River Lake system with the Agulawok being at the bottom of this chain has had an average of 1.4 million sockeye salmon returning to these streams, which makes for some excellent fishing for sockeyes. The peak of the sockeye salmon run is the end of June through the beginning of July, which is perfectly timed with our great runs of King Salmon.

Fish the Agulawak River with Alaska Kingfishers for Trophy Arctic Char like this impressive 12 pounder.

Alaska Arctic Grayling is a well sought after fish for many anglers that are interested in remote fly out fishing trips. These unique fish demand clear, clean water to survive, the main reason that they are all but extinct in the lower 48. Arctic Grayling thrive in Northern Alaska, and are a magnificent sport fish on a fly rod. Grayling spend 8 to 9 months each year under the ice without feeding much, and after spawning in the spring they must feed heavily all summer in order to be able to reproduce the next spring. Grayling in Northern Alaska receive very little fishing pressure, and we take care to release all of these fish very carefully.

Alaska Northern Pike are another spectacular fish found north of our Alaska fishing camp. We offer Alaska fly out fishing tours that allow anglers to chase these ancient fish. A very exciting fish to catch on a fly rod, so come join us for your next Alaska fly fishing trip to catch Northern Pike. Pike are also fun to catch with conventional fishing gear, these prehistoric looking creatures will definitely provide a thrill. The average size Pike in this area range from 20-35 inches and 5-15 pounds, however several 40+ inch and 20+ pound Pike have been caught in this area.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon or Red Salmon is a beautiful fish and one of the best tasting salmon available. We offer Alaska fly out fishing trips for anglers that want to catch their share of Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Post-spawn, these fish are much more aggressive, and you will not have a problem hooking into a beautiful red and green fish that will give you a considerable fight. Our Alaska fishing guides will bring you to the best spots for successful fishing trip. Anglers can Fly Fish or Spin Cast for this species of Alaska Salmon. Give us a call to book the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime!

Alaska Arctic Grayling Fishing is popular among many of our guests that come to fish Alaska’s great north. We offer highly productive Alaska fly out fishing trips for anglers that wish to challenge these fish. The incredible beauty of the Arctic Grayling makes this fish a highly sought after pursuit for anglers. After spawning, Arctic Grayling must feed actively throughout the summer to replenish their nutrients in preparation for the winter when they don’t feed as much. They are eager to swim to the surface in search of food, and this is why they are thought to be an ideal fish for beginners just learning how to fish.

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing is one of the most exciting fishing experiences in the world. We offer incredible Alaska fly out fishing trips that target these amazing fish. Alaska’s environment is very favorable to rainbow trout because of the vast number of salmon that swim through the state’s rivers every summer. Agulawok River offers an abundance of Rainbow Trout trophies for those looking to experience the thrill of challenging this majestic, hard fighting fish. With a strong population of Rainbow Trout growing to monstrous sizes, anglers have much success catching their trophies on this Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime.


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