Alaska River Fishing Information

Nushagak River

Kingfishers ' guides will help you tie into numerous salmon each day. We have fished the Nushagak River and many other for over nineteen years and our knowledge of the run will be evident by the bend in your rod. With so many millions of salmon swimming this stream, we can even show you how to take them on a fly rod or light tackle.

If you like pulling plugs we will be using Luhr Jensens Kwikfish in k-13 or k-15 sizes or Storms Wiggle Warts in various colors. And if back bouncing bait is your choice then you may want to put a Beau Mac spinning Cheater in front of your bait. For most of our clients they prefer to back drag eggs with a Beau Mac cheater in the middle of their hooks for an awesome day of fishing. In the evenings most people like to Fly Fish or Float Fish with Johns Jigs for our numerous amounts of acrobatic hard running Chum Salmon. We offer the best Alaska Fly Fishing Trips & Alaska Float Fishing Trips.

A typical day at the Alaska Kingfishers Camp starts with an 8:00 AM breakfast (coffee will be on by 6:00 AM), upon completion of breakfast we will board our 22ft. Alumaweld sleds and hit the river. We like to fish hard until about noon, at that time we can rendezvous back at the fishing camp for a freshly caught salmon shore lunch. After lunch we continue to fish hard until dinner which is at 7:00 PM every evening. When we are finished with dinner, if you still have enough energy we will be happy to take you out for a couple more hours of Alaska guided fishing. This may seem like a fairly rigorous schedule, but we try to remain very flexible after all it is you’re Alaska fishing vacation. After 10:00 PM we are starting to think about sleep, but if you are so inclined you are welcome to stay up all night (as it does not get dark in the summer time) and catch salmon off the beach until it feels like your arms might fall off. As you can see we have designed our tent camp around the serious angler who is looking for the true Alaskan Fishing Camp Experience.


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